Phenix Solutions has announced its partnership with Dillon Aero, weapons integration specialists, to configure a variant of the Phenix Ultra 2XL into a gunship platform. Dillon Aero is a proven provider of weapons integration systems for Land, Naval and Aviation Systems. They supplied more than 6,500 weapons systems in over 35 countries. Since 1989, the Dillon M134D and M134D-H have been the standard models in use by U.S. and partner nation services.

Dillon Aero has a long history of delivering effective solutions to ensure the mission is equipped for success. The collaboration with Phenix brings the pedigree of the M134D minigun to the Ultra 2XL and sets a new mark for expanded UAS mission sets into the aerial gunship arena.

Phenix Solutions President and CEO Brian Riese talked about the Ultra 2XL Gunship development program. ” The collaboration with Dillon Aero this past year brings the M134D minigun capability to the table. We can now achieve the same level of effective overmatch as current manned Gunship configurations by delivering a high volume of rounds in a short period of time, but from an unmanned platform in the Ultra 2XL. This of course affords effective engagements which equates to even greater survivability that cannot be rivaled by traditional platforms.”

Phenix Solutions will conduct flight testing of the Ultra 2XL later this Spring. Dillon Aero’s pedigree and expertise has been on full display throughout this process of making the Ultra 2XL aircraft a formidable, unmanned tool available now and well into the future.