Read some of our comprehensive features showcasing military aviation from around the world in each of our Antares featured articles.

AUKUS - Now More than 'Just' Nuclear Submarines?

To Serve at the Sharp End - The Night Stalkers of the 160th SOAR(A)

One of the most significant decisions a person can make is to join the military and serve their country. Equally important though are the follow-up choices of which specialty to select and what unit to aim for. Even within the US army, however, many are not aware of one of its most challenging, prestigious, and rewarding postings, the supremely capable 160th SOAR(A).

The Canary in the Coal Mine – Japan’s military build-up

As the world’s troubled waters continue to surge many nations have over the past decade, and increasingly now, have increased or are increasing Defense spending. Japan, since WWII has been focussed on self defense but how has recent issues in the South China Sea changed its strategy? Chris Smallhorn examines the landscape and what is happening.

A New ‘Bone Dome’ for fighter pilots – a big deal…

Within fixed-wing aviation, the employment of flight helmets for aircrew is mostly the preserve of the military fast jet cadre, bomber crews and selected tactical transport operators who spend a significant time in the low-level environment. Dick Downs examines the emerging technologies in military helmets.

Never-ending missile-cloning business

Alexander Mladenov reports on how Soviet-era technologies were exploited by these countries in their efforts to obtain a long-sought and often game-changing attack capability over extended ranges.   

To The Top of America

The Lama Squadron of the Argentine Air Force is the only air unit in America that has reached the highest peak of the continent and one of the few helicopter squadrons prepared for high mountain rescue missions, usually operating above 5,000 meters high.