The United Operational Test Team has completed eight live fire missile tests in support of the F-35’s Continuous Capability Development and Delivery program.

The UOTT collaborated with the Navy’s Air Test and Evaluation Squadron 9 at Edwards AFB, the USAF 422nd Test and Evaluation Squadron at Nellis AFB and the 83rd Fighter Weapons Squadron at Tyndall AFB to execute the operationally realistic live fire tests.

The team employed four missile types, the AIM-120D, AIM-120D3, AIM-9X, and AIM-9X-3, against advanced targets provided by the 83rd FWS’ Weapons System Evaluation Program. The tests verified the effectiveness of several new advanced capabilities and tactics and fulfilled congressional oversight requirements for F-35 operational testing. This event was the first time an F-35 fired the new AIM-120D3 which features modernized hardware, compared with the AIM-120D.

“The AMRAAM has been a staple of the United States’ and our allies’ air-to-air arsenals for decades,” said LCDR Wes Holt, VX-9 pilot. “This new AIM-120D3 performed exceptionally well. I’m excited to see how its performance continues to advance in the coming years with its software improvement program.”