Since 2010, when Switzerland’s 20 H135s became fully operational, the Swiss Air Force has logged 100,000 flight hours with this multi-mission helicopter type, carrying out a range of missions, including SAR, patient transport, flight training and border patrols

The helicopters are stationed at several locations in Alpnach, Bern-Belp, Dübendorf, Locarno and Payerne throughout the year. At the Alpnach, Dübendorf and Payerne sites, the H135s are used for pilot training, as well as the training and deployment of certified pilots. At Bern-Belp, the two H135s are available for VIP transport. During recruit training in Payerne, the ground organization of the militia is also trained on the H135 for work on the flight line, so that upcoming missions can also be carried out in troop service.

“One of our main tasks is to train helicopter pilots. We train around five students per year on the H135, before they move on to large aircraft, such as the Cougar or the Super Puma.” says Michael Wirz, Chief Pilot at the Swiss Armed Forces. “We also use it for a wide range of other missions, including border surveillance, ensuring our air safety, and patient transport.”