Sikorsky has completed testing of the integrated mission systems and sensors aboard three MH-60R Seahawk’s purchased by the Hellenic Navy.

The tests verify each MH-60R aircraft is an efficient and effective air weapon system capable of performing anti-submarine and anti-surface warfare missions from land or naval ship.

“Commonality of these Hellenic Navy MH-60R SEAHAWK aircraft with 330 MH-60R and 250 MH-60S SEAHAWK aircraft, and with the global BLACK HAWK helicopter fleet, enables Sikorsky and the U.S. Navy to continue sustaining and upgrading this proven weapon system for maximum threat deterrence and operational capability,” said Sikorsky President Paul Lemmo.

Greece is the seventh country to receive the U.S. Navy’s MH-60R and the first three aircraft will arrive in Greece in 2024 joining the 11 existing S-70B Seahawkst at the Kotroni Naval Air Station.