After more than 50 years of operational service the Royal Norwegian Air Force has officially retired its Sea King Mk 43B fleet used for SAR operations, replacing the type with the AW101 Mk 612 SAR Queen.

The first of ten RNoAF Sea King entered service 1973 and the type has flown over 45,000 missions. The final Sea King Mk 43B conducted a fly-past across Norway from Stavanger-Sola Air Base, the headquarters of No 330 Squadron, and flew via Lysebotn, Røldal, Odda, Torpomoen, Gol, Fagernes, Lillehammer, Hamar, Gardermoen, Kjeller, Oslo and Drammen before landing at Rygge Air Base for the final time.

The AW101 SAR Queen has been operational since late 2020 and now with 16 aircraft operating from Rygge, Sola, Ørland and Banak.