The Guatemalan Air Force has added a new aircraft to its inventory with the delivery of a Bell 429 GlobalRanger to La Aurora International Airport in Guatemala City, as a part of a foreign military sale executed by the U.S. Army Security Assistance Command.

The acquisition will enhance the Guatemalan military’s abilities to respond to national disasters and other humanitarian crises.

“This helicopter will be used for humanitarian assistance including search and rescue, delivery of relief supplies, and reconnaissance,” said Ronald McCall II, USASAC Country Program Manager for Guatemala, Panama, Ecuador, Belize and Honduras. “They will be better able to support interagency efforts following floods, earthquakes, infrastructure collapses, volcano eruptions, landslides and land and air accidents.”

Other missions the aircraft will be able to support include combatting forest fires in the Maya biosphere and other arid regions, troop insertion and extraction, overwatch during operations, and reconnaissance in areas of high incidence of drug trafficking, organized crime and other national security areas of interest, said McCall.