The first five F-16 aircraft belonging to the Royal Netherlands Air Force have landed at the Romanian AF 86th Air Base, in Fetești. The center will predominantly train Ukrainian air force pilots and ground crews to operate the F-16 fighter.

The European F-16 Training Centre was established following the cooperation between the Ministry of National Defense, through the Romanian Air Force, and the MoD of the Netherlands, through the RAF, in partnership with Lockheed Martin and with the support of Denmark.

The center will serve as an international hub for the F-16 pilots’ training and also create common operational standards and to enhance NATO’s ability to face the complex challenges posed in the Black Sea area and in Eastern Europe. According to the cooperation agreement, the Romanian Ministry of National Defense provides the 86th Air Base, the training facilities and the host nation support, while the Royal Netherlands Air Force makes available the F-16 aircraft and the Lockheed Martin Company provides the instructors and the maintenance.