Enstrom have announced the signing of new purchase agreements with the Peruvian Military for four 280FX training helicopters. The Peruvian Army purchased two helicopters, and the Peruvian Air Force purchased another two. These aircraft will supplement both services’ respective training fleets, which already include multiple Enstrom helicopters.

“We’ve supplied the Peruvian Army with training helicopters since the 1990s,” said Dennis Martin, Enstrom’s Chief Commercial Officer. “We’re proud to remain a trusted partner in helping train yet another generation of pilots.”

The Peruvian Air Force’s partnership with Enstrom is relatively new. Representatives from the South American country purchased two Enstrom helicopters for the Air Force in 2020 and two more in 2022.

“They put our helicopters through a highly competitive evaluation,” said Martin. “Ultimately, Enstrom’s 280FX performed the best in Peru’s demanding hot and high-altitude environment. We look forward to helping the Air Force complete their fleet’s transition to Enstrom.”

Panamerican Aviation Sales Corporation assisted in facilitating the sale. The company has a long history of sales in South America, but this is the first time it has partnered with Enstrom.

David Rojas, Executive VP of Panamerican, said, “We are delighted to grow and develop this new, exciting partnership. We plan to introduce Enstrom to many more customers.”