The United States have delivered two new AH-64E Version 6 Apache Guardian attack helicopters to the Royal Netherlands Air Force (RNAF) 7 December. The aircraft were transported by a US Air Force C-17 to Woensdrecht Air Base Logistics Center-Woensdrecht (LCW) for initial inspection and inventory.

The Netherlands has a total of 28 Apaches on order and these two and follow-on aircraft will be assembled and tested at Woensdrecht, before being flown to their future operating station of Gilze-Rijen Air Base. Final delivery of the upgraded aircraft is scheduled to take place in 2025.

The RNAF aircraft were remanufactured from the Netherlands current AH-64D fleet. Although the AH-64Es use parts from the original AH-64D, all the systems are reset, and they are considered new aircraft. The remanufactured aircraft are upgraded to the most modern configuration including more powerful engines, an upgraded gearbox and new composite rotor blades. The latest communications, navigation, sensors, data correlation and pilot cognitive decision aiding system provide significant war fighting advantages over the D model and multiplies combat effectiveness.

“The successful delivery of the new AH-64E v6 Apache is a turning point for the Netherlands and is emblematic of the significant long-term partnership between the US Army and the RNAF,” said Alexa Alejo, a product manager with PEO Aviation’s Apache project office. “The Apache is the most advanced attack helicopter, and the RNAF is gaining a significant increase in attack power, versatility, situational awareness, and interoperability.”