ICARUS Devices has announced that CAE will utilize the Instrument Conditions Awareness Recognition and Understanding System in training to support the USAF Rotary Wing Introductory Flight Training program (IFT-R).

ICARUS is a smart view limiting device that allows instructor pilots to simulate degraded visual environments (DVE) or poor visibility in the aircraft for dynamic scenario-based training. “A full-spectrum inadvertent instrument meteorological conditions (IIMC) awareness solution enhances critical training, like upset prevention and recovery training,” said IFT-R program manager Dr. John Bentley, CAE Defense & Security. “Leveraging the capability during introductory training allows students to refine abilities to overcome spatial disorientation and learn to trust the instrumentation.”

The IFT-R contract was awarded to CAE in June to support the Air Education and Training Command and provide critical flight training to USAF student pilots as part of the Helicopter Training Next program. The IFT-R Ground Based Training System leverages advanced simulation and interactive media, providing advanced rotary-wing training to future aviators.

The introductory training is conducted at the CAE Dothan Training Center in Dothan, Alabama, which is also home to the U.S. Army Fixed-Wing Training Services program. The ICARUS Devices Team thanked CAE for their dedication to better training and aviation safety.