The Royal Navy are to use an artificially intelligent tool that will be able to solve engineering problems in seconds by identifying faults with equipment before they become problematic.

Developed at Royal Naval Air Station Yeovilton, a collaborative project between 1710 Naval Air Squadron (based in HMNB Portsmouth), DE&S Digital AI Team and Royal Navy Engineers are pioneering a new capabilities to innovative defence software tool, ‘Motherlode’ which now utilises AI.

‘Motherlode’ is now an artificially intelligent software that processes aircraft maintenance data at a rapid pace, reducing lengthy problem-solving tasks down to seconds. This cutting-edge software ensures that engineering problems are detected at the earliest possible point, rather than when the fault becomes problematic, allowing personnel to order spares ahead of issues arising.

The software will be capable of analysing historical data tailored to environmental and aircraft specific conditions to predict failures within equipment more accurately, allowing smarter decision making from the back office to the frontline.

‘Motherlode’is currently being used on the Wildcat Maritime Attack helicopter and the full capability is planned to be rolled out by the end of 2023 across all Royal Navy helicopters.